Google reader not updating rss feed

Posted by / 25-Jun-2017 15:55

Google reader not updating rss feed

That is, until July 2013, when Google abruptly stopped supporting the tool to focus on other products. Suddenly RSS readers were popular again, with hundreds of apps competing for Google Reader's former users on sites like Replace Reader.

Today, many of these apps are polished, high-quality feed readers that are a great tool for following your favorite sites.

Just staying up-to-date and informed is a challenge.

Even if you only set out to read the most important articles and watch the top videos, you'll never get done.My Yahoo isn't the best personalized ​start page on the Internet, but it makes for a very solid RSS reader.It's fast, it allows you to preview the articles, and it is popular enough that there are buttons on many websites that will automate installing the feed on My Yahoo.My Yahoo has many different advantages including speed, reliability, ease-of-use, the ability to preview articles, and the My Yahoo Reader.And these are in addition to the ability to separate the feeds into different categories and place them on their own tab within the personalized page. A big reason to use My Yahoo over other online readers is speed.

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This will pop up the first portion of the article, so you can tell whether or not you might be interested without opening the article. The default setting is for articles to pop up in the My Yahoo Reader.

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